Bible Studies

Welcome to the Bible Study page, where over the weeks different topics shall be added and prayerfully explored from the Bible. These studies have not been designed for quick browsers, but rather for those who want set some time aside to look through the scriptures (I suggest that a physical, hold in your hand, real life bible would be handy for this.) All topics are relevant for both unbelievers and mature followers of Jesus, and all those who consider that they are 'sat on the fence.' 

These studies have been for provided for anyone to enjoy and use, and are in PDF format ready for printing for your own private use, or as part of a group. They are also available to read on the blog itself, a link shall be provided for both options.

I have purposefully not written out the scriptures, but have instead referenced the chapter and verse for you to then find for yourself. So, get your Bible, a cuppa, a notepad and pen, and see what God's word has to say to us all.

Before we start........
A good article ready to print to help you with your own Bible studying   
Why I use the KJV instead of more modern versions

Part 1 SIN Blessed are the pure in heart PDF  
            or read on the blog.  
Part 2 FAITH Blessed are the meek PDF 
            or read on the blog                 
Part 3 REPENTANCE Blessed is the man who fears God and walks in His ways PDF 
            or read on the blog
Part 4 BAPTISM Blessed is he who shall not be offended in me PDF 
            or view on the blog

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