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These PDF files are here to be a blessing to you and to be used for your own pleasure and as gifts/keepsakes for others. 

Every now and then, a new 'gift' will appear in a post, so keep visiting to see what's available!

The images look their best when printed on photo paper or card, with the ink setting on either photo or best, depending on your own printer options.

Here's the idea.........


Enjoy :)

On this PDF there are 4 prints. 
Once printed, they can be trimmed to size, and even laminated if you have the use of one.

They make great bookmarks, or can be used to make a greeting card, a perfect little gift to encourage anyone who loves this Psalm.


A much beloved Psalm! I couldn't fit it all I just used the first two verses. 
Click here to see the blog post with instructions and ideas on how to use this lovely image.

Or to go straight to the PDF file, please click here.

EZEKIEL 36                                                                                                                     
A wonderful declaration of hope to the land of Israel, made by The Lord, which has been fulfilled in recent years. Though the land was desolate and forsaken for almost 2000 years, it is now shipping flowers to Holand! Including sunflowers......

Click here for the PDF that you can print

or to read the blog post regarding Gods promise to restore Israel, click here

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