Teachings, Messages, Documentaries, Testimonies and Movies

Here's a collection of very selected videos that you may find helpful in your walk with Jesus. Each link will take you to Youtube, where you will find more messages by the same speakers who will encourage you to trust the Bible as God's authoritative word, and they will build up your faith in The Lord Jesus.

There is a great need for spiritual discernment, as Jesus warned us to beware that no one deceive us, as false teachings would come in to fool many, that in the last days there would be many who would fall away from true faith in Jesus because of seducing spirits. I pray these teachings will be a real blessing to you if you are seeking the truth.



Recordings of Corrie Ten Boom



Kent Hovind-The Dinosaurs
Kent Hovind-The Garden of Eden
John Mackay-Revelation TV Q&A Creationism
John Mackay-Creation and Abortion
John Mackay-Noahs Flood
John Mackay-Young Earth Evidence
Grady McMurtry-Young Earth Evidence


The Land Cries Out-a documentary about abortion from a Biblical perspective
Palestine Problem-Betrayal of the Jews
Derek Prince-Why Israel?
Derek Prince-Israel, Past, Present and Future

Last Days

Teaching by Ex-Catholic Priest

Richard Bennett-Uncovering the Papacy
Richard Bennett-The Pope Denounces True Christians
Richard Bennett-Was The Early Church Catholic?

Church Be Aware

Dave Hunt-Counterfeit Christianity, Catholicism
Dave Hunt-Yoga And The Emerging Church
Gail Riplinger-NIV New Age Bible

Cults and Sects by David Pawson

Christian Science
Free Masonry
Mormons-Latter Day Saints
Seventh Day Adventists
Jehovah's Witnesses

Christian Biography Movies (really old, but still inspiring :)

Hudson Taylor
Fanny Crosby
William Tyndale
John Wycliffe
John Wesley
Corrie Ten Boom-The Hiding Place (poor quality but great film)
George Muller Movie/Documentary
Charles Spurgeon-Movie/Documentary
Eric Liddel-Documentary
Nicky Cruz-Cross and the Switchblade

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